I made out with a hot Korean girl who is my boyfriend’s cousin

My boyfriend and I are both 26 years old. We have been dating for about 8 years. His family is Korean, but his parents migrated to the US later on then he was born here in Los Angeles. My boyfriend’s cousin, Maze is a hot Korean girl who I adore. She has a long brunette hair down to her mid back and high cheekbones which gives her a Korean look. She and I met 7 years ago on a family gathering my boyfriend invited me to. Maze is 25 years old. She later joined our school, and we had a couple of classes together too.

Maze and I both wildly adored our bodies. Seldom does a day go by when we don’t dress up and take photographs and reel together for Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. Sometimes we tease, fantasize, snicker and chuckle about how we are straight-up mischievous. In high school we were inseparable. At college, we continuously went out together and got drunk together. We fancied the day we tell our parents that we were lesbians and to just let us be. In my sophomore, I came out of the closet as Bi, but she declined to do the same. I felt betrayed and did not talk to her for weeks.

I made out with a hot Korean girl

We’ve graduated a while back, and got our jobs settled. Still, I have been in contact with my hot Korean girl from time to time. I live and work in the city while she commutes an hour every day to the city. We’ve discussed lots of things about our relationships with our boyfriends, but we’ve never discussed about our own relationship. I mean we both like each other more than friends, but we are shy to tell each other how we felt.

Recently, I asked her out to see a band at a concert in the city. She said OK just before she hung up the phone. I started to wonder if later, after the concert, it would turn out to be more than just two friends hanging out.

At the concert, we began drinking, taking a few bites here and there, and pretending to be a “couple.” What changed this time is she began to murmur in my ear about how gay we are, about how I look lovely in my dress, and so forth. Maybe she was tipsy. I entertained the idea, nonetheless.

I must admit here that it takes me a lot of sexual restraint to stop me from kissing her when we are together. During the concert, the music is all that kept me going. After the concert, we drove to her place. I asked where I would sleep, and she said her bed. We had been cuddled up before, but we had never slept together.

I agreed and got in her bed. I had not screwed anybody for such a long time. I thought my mind was messing around with me when she began rubbing her butt all over me. Excusing myself, I went to the restroom gave myself a motivational speech and concluded I couldn’t screw her in her boyfriend’s bed. I drove back to the city arriving home around 3 in the morning.

A week later, she invited me to her birthday party. I knew my boyfriend and her hers would be there. I had to have control over myself and my urges.

Shortly before 10pm, she told me to go to the washroom with her. Once inside, she seductively told me how she wanted to screw me the other day when we slept together. I pulled her close.

I begin to kiss her as I gently rubbed her clit. I told her we ought to screw around more frequently. “I feel guilty. I mean like, like am I cheating?” she moaned. However, at that point, she was already too horny to stop.

The lavatory was quite messed up from people at the party, so we decided to ditch the party and go somewhere alone. We told her boyfriend that we wanted to go to a nearby place to get more pizza.

Once at the pizza inn, we went straight to the washrooms. As we were getting in the mood, there was another girl came to the bathroom. We had to wait before we continued. Just as we were fingering each other again, another girl came in. It was taking longer than we expected until we realized that we had to leave. I looked at Maze with a little disappointment, but she said, “no worries, there’s is always next time.”

I felt bad about what I did behind my boyfriend’s back so later on, I decided to tell my him and all he said was “gross” and continued to play his video games.

I can’t wait till the next time when I unite with my Maze. She is in my head all day. Just the thought about fucking this hot Korean girl really turns me on. I plan to make love to her when we are alone again.