I fucked an older man before my flight to Paris

I am a young girl in my early 20 and today’ story is about how I fucked an older man at the airport. So, I used to go to work at Orlando International Airport before the pandemic and lately the airport was back to its busy day, so I’ve resumed to work. Last week, I had a long delay at airport terminal to Paris. I was in the mood for some margarita cocktail, so I went to a bar to get myself a drink before my long-range flight. I remembered the airport wasn’t fully occupied and only few people were sitting at the bar. The waiter served me a drink then I found a spot at a table in the corner. I was there slowly slurping and daydreaming to pass time.

After around 20 minutes, the staff got me another margarita even though I didn’t order one. I was a little surprise, so I asked him where the drink came from. The waiter told me it was from another person then pointed to an older man sitting at the opposite corner from me. I raised my glass to let the man know that I appreciate his generosity then quickly looked back to my phone. I didn’t really pay attention much to the guy.

After I finished my drink, the waiter came by and passed me another one. I asked him one more time who got me this drink. He smiled and pointed to the same guy earlier. I raised my glass again and shouted at him “thanks for the drink”. The older man waved at me. I waved at him back then quickly came back browse my phone again. To be honest, I found this older man attractive just by his generosity. I was kind of tipsy at that point and a dirty thought of me fucked an older man came to my mind in a flash. I have fantasized about this situation before but I actually have never fucked an older man in my life.

If he hit on me right now, I would probably give him a chance, I thought to myself. It seemed like he read my mind because after a short time, he came to my table and asked if he could sit. At first, I acted a little shy because he was a stranger and I wanted to play it hard a bit. However, as he started making conversation with me, I found him even more attractive and in fact, he was quite a charming person. He said that he was heading to Germany which coincidently is my mom’s hometown. We actually shared the same flight to Germany first then I would transit to head to Paris, France.

We had an interesting discussion and I felt a great deal of connection with him that I rarely feel with younger men. I think with age, older men just knew how to make intelligent conversation. I remembered I kept on sipping my drink till my body felt so hot and needed to take off my jacket. That was when I realized that I didn’t wear my bra that day and my nipples were poking out on my shirt. I felt a little embarrassed because I was with a man sitting right next to me and he did realized that too. My side boobs were sticking out a little so the older man quickly used his hand to take cover for me.

While he took cover for me, I noticed that he was actually feeling my tits at the same time. I was tipsy and found it very pleasurable. I started to think about how I would fuck him right now if he asked me. He realized that I did not back off from him so he leaned in closer to me and his other hand tucked down below the table and started feeling my thigh.

I started rolling my eyes to let him know that I was interested. He kept on feeling my body for about 5 minutes then eventually asked if I would like to book a airport sleeping room, I quickly understood what he meant so I nodded my head. The room was very close by so it didn’t take long until we were both alone together. He then said “You little slut, get down on your knee!” I asked him “has any young girl ever fucked an older man like you?” He then replied “I love fucking those young blonde with big tits like you!”.

For the first time in my life, I actually felt like a whore for sleeping with a stranger randomly. However, the older man was making me so wet that I just didn’t care anymore. I asked him if he brought condom. He said “No” while his fingers were sticking in my wet pussy and rubbing it hard.

I got so freaking horny and completely didn’t care about the condom anymore. I started moaning loudly and begged him to keep doing what he was doing. He then turned me over in a doggy position and started pushing his hard dick into me from behind. I was crazily excited because I love being dominated. He was pulling my hair in one hand and the other hand slapping my naked butt while his cock was fucking me like a wild dog.

When I felt like he was about to come, I asked him not to do it inside me because I wasn’t in birth control. He then said “Fine! I want to cum into your mouth and you swallow it”. After fucking me a little more, he pulled out and stuffed his big cock in my mouth as he started face fucking me. I got choked up and told him “Cum for me daddy!” Then a few minutes after, he filled my mouth with his thick cum.

I fucked an older man before my flight to Paris

The older man quickly pulled his pant up and got ready to leave. I was in shock how he behaved differently from how he did with me at the bar. This man just left me standing there naked with his cum all over my mouth and face and lots of it was dripping down my tits and stomach. I thought to myself that I was such a terrible whore for letting a random dude banged me while I was tipsy.

I gathered my thought after that and quickly cleaned up myself and left the room. During the flight, I kept thinking about the whole situation and I actually loved it. When I landed on Paris, I met up with one of my girlfriends and told her about the story and how this was my first time I fucked an older man at an airport.