Hot brunette babe Hazel and I made out and fucked two guys in one night

Hot Brunette Babe Hazel And I Made Out And Fucked Two Guys In One Night

One of my old friends, Hazel, called me the other day and told me that she was coming to town to visit. It had been a while since I saw Hazel, and I remember her as being a hot brunette babe. I was excited, and I looked forward to the reunion with her. We shared the same interest, one of them being enjoying a great party, and the other being that we were both bisexuals, so we decided to go to the local club on Halloween. Hazel is German, a hot, sexy, brunette babe, with wavy brunette hair, and she had a rocking figure with striking, green eyes.

Hot brunette babe Hazel and I made out and fucked two guys in one night

She was also known to like to get freaky sometimes and we shared that same interest. She was a couple years younger than I was and she and her sister favored a lot. I have had a crush on this young woman for some time. I think part of it was that she was younger, for I have this thing for younger women. We have had many conversations in the past; however, we hadn’t really gotten to know each other as well as I wish we could have sooner. I hoped this was my chance to uncover Hazel’s party side and get to know her up close and personal.

Halloween came around quickly and I was glad, I had anticipated this day for some time now. Hazel arrived and we didn’t waste much time before we set out for a night at the club. Hazel looked extremely sexy in her all-red villain outfit and was the hottest brunette babe in the club. I chose to match her, and we were a couple that you couldn’t add up to.

We quickly hit it off with other couple at the club and began making our way out to the dance floor when a couple of guys from the distance invited us over to their table. We accepted the invite and made conversation with him and his younger brother for a while.

Unfortunately, his younger brother wasn’t as good looking as he was. Hazel and I were both women and this seemed to turn people on quickly.  After we had all had a couple of drinks, they began to dare me and Hazel to make out with one another.

I am usually more aware of the amount of alcohol I consume, especially when in the company of a beautiful brunette be, such as Hazel, so I was not quite drunk yet. Hazel on the other hand was slammed. Before I knew it Hazel was in my lap, slamming her tongue into my mouth and we made out for a good amount of time. Her lips were so soft, and I could feel myself getting wet. She began to caress my tits and I could only wish they would come out of my blouse!

The two guys that had invited us over to their table were getting horny at the site of us. It wasn’t too long before they invited us back to their place, and we agreed. Hazel and the more handsome brother began making out on the way there and the view of them was amazing. When we arrived, they continued to go at it and me and the younger brother were left alone.

He soon took me to his private bedroom, and I found my self-going down on him. I sucked on his cock until he became rock hard then I let him fuck me. The fuck was quite rough, and he smacked me playfully while he forced his cock deep inside me, while talking dirty to me and calling me filthy names. Damn, I never knew this kind of thing could excite me so much, but I was wetter than I had ever been. Surprisingly he was just as bothered because in no time he pulled out and began to release himself all over my stomach.

Afterwards, I wandered back into the family room, where I found Hazel fully naked being slammed by the older brother. The older brother looked so damn hot as he fucked Hazel. He is tall and muscular. I was standing there for a minute watching his six pack abs fully shown as he banged Hazel in doggy style. The first thought I had was of how hot Hazel was, and the second thing was a little jealousy of her fucking such a hot guy. I approached Hazel and her fine ass screw and grabbed her hair pulling it up from the back and out of her face, while he fucked her from behind.

As soon as I locked eyes with this hot brunette babe Hazel, we began making out again. Hazel moaned out in such a sexy sound while she was taking the dick from behind. Soon she started kissing her way down my body and continued until she reached my pussy where she began eating me out. I was completely wrapped up in her and hadn’t even noticed that the older brother had made his way over to me and was ready to force his cock into my mouth. He slid his dick deep into my throat while Hazel continued to eat my pussy, and they both continued until I exploded all over Hazel’s face.

We finished our threesome out my giving him a double blow and letting him cover the both of us in his juices. He came so much it covered both our faces, in our eyes, up our nose, and all over. The older brother surely got great pleasure out of seeing the both of us glazed over. Hazel looked unbelievably sexy covered in cum and I took it upon myself to clean her up a little with my tongue. The older brother replied with “Damn that’s so fucking hot!”

Not too much longer, after I assisted Hazel in straining things up a little and we both got dressed. We called us an Uber and proceeded to my place. When we arrived, I had to wake Hazel because she was passed out. I followed her lead, and it wasn’t too long before the both of us were out of it. The next morning, after we had woken; we had a recount of the events from the night before and were pleased. We discussed the nights freakiest moments, and I was proud that I now had a companion, that I could share this side of me with. We giggled together and both agreed that nothing makes a bond like sucking dick together.