Fany Shark made love by the beach with a fireman

Fany Shark Found A Fireman To Make Love By The Beach With

Fany Shark is still in shock that she made love by the beach with a fireman the other day. She drifted off into her memories of what took place.

It was a hot summer day. Fany Shark and her friends had planned a day at the beach to tan, swim, drink, and just relax a little. The forecast was not looking like it would be in their favor, but she kept her fingers crossed anyways and hoped that while she was there that she would get to make love on the beach. She had already broken up with her last to boyfriends and this summer she was single and ready to make love on the beach to just about anyone who came along ready to fuck.

In her favor the day took a significant turn and ended up being a magnificent day. The beach was vulnerable considering the climate and it was not fully occupied. There were a few families here and there but not too many and a couple of gatherings of people their age located toward the backside of the ocean. The other groups their age seemed to be partying a little also and not too long after she arrived, she made a break for the ladies’ room. As she passed by the other group, she thought that the other group was smart by tucking themselves away in the back corner that would be a perfect place to make love on the beach.

Fany Shark made love by the beach with a fireman

After returning to where the other girls in her group had picked to set up at, Fany Shark decided that she could help with something that another one of the young ladies was doing at the time, so she went over to lend her a hand. Without hesitation she followed the other girl thinking that they were probably going to retrieve some supplies. Instead, she later learned that the girl had planned it so that she would run straight into someone she had seen from the other group.

Another one of her friends was just sitting on the beach chilling and watching everyone’s belongings for the time being. She soon advised that six of them from the other group had passed by while they were gone and stopped to stare for a moment. Fany Shark hoped that she could find the perfect one to make love on the beach. No one said anything to one another for a while as they continued to set everything up and they noticed the other group still staring over there way but not speaking to them just yet.

Fany Shark noticed several of them that she thought were very attractive and they would soon learn that it was a group of local firemen. “Who else better to find to make love by the beach.” She thought to herself. The young ladies kicked back and chilled, making small talk now and enjoying the day while taking a swim every once in a while. They had several drinks in them by now and everyone was starting to loosen up a little more. The group of firemen was only like 50 ft. away and decided to come in for a chat.

Fany Shark allowed the fireman to slide his hand under her swimsuit

The firemen began by asking the girls their names and you could tell that they figured the girls were single. After some chitchat they asked the ladies to play a game of volleyball and they agreed. After the game began things started to escalate rather quickly and the game turned into swimming more than playing. They wound up being touchier feely by being hands on in the water and it was all part of the guy’s plan. They spent the remainder of most of the day laughing and playing out in the ocean. There were also some young ladies in the other group, and they all became acquainted sooner rather than later. They all seemed to be very inviting, and everyone was celebrating at the beach that day now all they lacked was making love by the beach. At some point someone had made a bet that Fany Shark wouldn’t make out with a guy from the other group, and she wasn’t willing to lose so she made her way over and laid it on him. While making out with him, he got excited and wound up on top of her. She did not resist what the love by the beach that was finally happening, and she allowed him to slide his hands beneath her swimsuit.

After a good make out session Fany Shark became a little embarrassed when she noticed everyone staring and pushed him off her. The others then made their way back to the volleyball game seeming a little disappointed that the show had not lasted any longer. She looked over to find one of her friends had also found someone to make out with and she was proud that she had not been the only one.

While laying out sunning on the towels and now with less people she let the guy from earlier back on top of her and began to let him fully feel her love by the beach. Her head floated off to somewhere in the clouds as she became hornier by the moments, and she loved how he had become so hard for her. At one point he looked her in the eyes and told her how much he wanted to taste her pussy and lick her ass with it, and she was taken by surprise at his filthy talk. She knew now that it was possible that she may end up making love by the beach after all.

He told her that if she did not want to fuck him that was ok, but either way he could not wait to taste her sweet little pussy. Fany Shark decided that she had enough of the dirty talk and was ready to take action, so they found a spot off to the edge of the shoreline behind some trees. Still in a little water they began to go at it again and were kissing and feeling each other up more and more. She let out a few small groans, he snatched her by the ass, and the other hand gently massaged one of her tits. He pulled her closer and by the hair while lightly rubbing her thigh. He then scooped her up, she folded her legs around his midsection, and they began to make love by the beach.

Fany Shark let the fireman spread her leg and they make love by the beach

While he played with her areola rings with his tongue, he laid her down on the grass, kissed her, pulled her two-piece top to the side, and unveiled her tits. At the same time, he had spread her pussy lips from beneath her two-piece and began kneading her clit with his fingers. After he grasped what she was doing, everything changed for him. It was as if a switch had been flipped and he went from charming and coy to fully enthusiastic and carnal. He gnawed on her abdomen, leaving marks, and ripped her swimsuit bottoms off, engulfed her, and then just tore into her pussy and went to gobbling it up.

It was probably 10 minutes like this before he flipped her onto her stomach with her kneeling down and her elbows out. At this point, her butt was exposed for him in the air. She still had the impressions on her knees and elbows from when he started eating her ass while rubbing her clit.

It had been a long time since she had come from oral and man this felt good. He got her there a couple times. Fany Shark squirted her cum all over him. As she did, she demanded that he enter her again and he played hard to get telling her no. his game went on for a moment and then it began to rain on them, so they jumped up and got dressed quickly heading back toward the rest of the group.

Prior to them all leaving the beach that day he did request her social info and phone number, but she did not feel the need to take it any further, so she refused. She had decided that she wasn’t even going to share what happened with any of her friends, she had wanted this to be only her little secret and for no one else. They stayed at the beach a couple more hours and then loaded up to return home and that summer she kept her memories of that day just as it had been, making love by the beach.

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