Don’t you want to cum for me – Kenzie Anne?

Kenzie Anne Lusting After Her Sexy Partner Luke

There had always been some sort of sexual pressure amongst Kenzie Anne and Luke, however time and circumstances never omitted much of any kind of sexual relationship. Their bodies had been throbbing for each other and here they finally were together and ready for what they both had been wanting so bad. As she lay there tangled up in the sheets, she was considering the events that may be about to take place and dreaming of Luke saying something such as “cum for me” to her as they fucked. All of a sudden there he was appearing in only his underwear with chocolate skin delicately caramelize over his body.

His abs were magnificent, and she admired his body for as long as she could. Finally coming out of her daze she started to realize how much they were truly meant for this occasion. He looked up at her and the look on his face said that he felt the same as he grinned at her. They both contemplated the same things and he ask her “how am I ever going to manage you?” He smiled at her again. They struck up an amazing amount of chemistry for quite some time with just simple smiles and eye contact along with their flirtatious talk to one another. In no time Kenzie Anne found herself sitting in his lap and she could feel his cock turning harder with the conversation.

Kenzie anne dreaming of Luke saying to her cum for me as they fuck

Kenzie Anne couldn’t help but notice his bulge and the size of it, but she knew that he wasn’t completely hard yet and it hadn’t expanded to its full potential. He looked so delicious. He leaned back on the bed and rested beside of her and looked her dead in the eyes and ask her “will you cum for me?” she was taken aback a little by surprise and didn’t know quite how to answer, but the comment made her stomach do flips and she could feel herself getting hornier by the moment. He softly brushed her leg with his fingertips, as he started at her knees, he made his way up further and further. Running his fingers up all the way to be her thighs met her pussy and then back down to her knees.

He did this several times prodding her each time with his knuckle barely grazing her pussy as he continued to look her in the eye and grin at her. He soon realized that his magic was working and how warm and horny he was getting her. Before too long he parted her legs and started fully rubbing her all over, not forgetting to braze her clit and feel how wet she was getting for him. Her pants were soaked, and she didn’t know how someone could make her this horny without any penetration yet. He got up for a brief second and she wandered what he was up to, then he lowered his head down between her knees and then he stopped and looked up at her with that sexy grin again and said, “I’m going to make you cum for me” His breath was heavy and hot, and she could feel it on her pussy, and it only made her more wet.

Kenzie Anne longed for him so bad now and her wetness showed how much she needed him. “Try not to run. OK.” He said as firm and serious as he could. She was astounded at how sexy he was and how hot he had her, and she complied with ease. She made a light moan as his lips touched her clit through the outside of her panties licking it from a distance. Then he done something she wasn’t expecting, and he began to remove her panties with his teeth, gently and carefully not to scrape her pussy, until she was completely exposed. There was now nothing between his head and her pussy and she could feel her wetness shimmering. He touched her clit with his fingertips, and she let out a small shudder as he watched her demeanor change on her face to something delightful.

Dont’ You Want To Cum For Me?

He looked at her again with that sexy grin and said, “Don’t you want to cum for me?” Kenzie Anne replied, “Yes! You are treating me so good”. She reached down and felt his rock-hard cock in his jeans. He continued to run his fingers over her pussy and her clit flicking it with fervor, then he entered a finger into her and let his thumb hover over her clit. Her groans made his breath even harder, and he kissed her from her mouth, down to her neck and made his way down her body, stopping to suckle on her breast for a moment. He made his way down her tummy and kissed the highest part of her pussy delicately. He continued these light kisses down to her pussy and entered his finger into her once again.

“Cum for me!” He demanded! In addition, she knew that she wasn’t far from it. After only about 5 minutes of his kissing and fingering her pussy, her body simply couldn’t take it no longer. Kenzie Anne tensed up and naturally her body needed to run from him, but he pulled her in closer. He gulped her down even more now knowing that she was near her climax. He asked her once again not to run from him as her body wriggled away in pure ecstasy. He folded his arms around her thighs and pulled her back down to once again as he laughed and said, “Oh No you don’t!” then he put his head back into her vagina and continue to eat. Her groans got louder, and it was a wander the neighbors didn’t complain but neither one seemed to notice or if they did, they didn’t care.

He got up and planted his tongue with finger in her pussy at the same time removing his fat cock from his pants. Her eyes bulged at the site of him, and she knew instantly that he was going to wreck her pussy. Kenzie Anne didn’t mind the thought of it at all and she would have never thought of trying to stop him. He scoured the head of his dick all over her pussy and said to her once again “can you cum for me again?” “Yes!” she replied. He overflowed in precum and that with his saliva and her wetness made it easy for him to slide inside of her after the fourth or fifth stroke he was completely inside of her, and her walls were encompassed around him with great force. She moaned out “OH Fuck!” and he told her how tight she was.

Kenzie Anne said Cum for me to her partner Luke

He told her he wasn’t going to be able to keep this up much longer considering how good her pussy felt around his cock. He grabbed her by the wrist and nailed them down as he pumped himself into her even harder. Kenzie Anne could feel every inch of him up into her belly. “You want to cum for me?” “Yes daddy!” she said. He bored the inside of her pussy out and you could hear the slapping of their skin banging together with each stroke. He then wrapped one hand firmly around her throat and it made it hard for her to inhale but she didn’t fret. She felt so good that she wouldn’t have cared at this point what happened as long as she could feel his cock.

He took his cock out and requested that she turn doggy style and like the good young lady she was she complied. He pushed her back into an arch and grasping her abdomen he drove himself into her once again making her cry out in pleasure. Something about this position made her shiver as her juices ran down her thighs. He pulled her hair back and squeezed his hand further down on her back in a way that her spine should have broken. She could feel how strong his energy was and she knew he was anxious and that at any moment he was going to cum. “you love this dick?” he asks. “Yes daddy!” she replied. Moreover, he continued to tell her how mind blowing her tight pussy felt wrapped around his cock.

He smacked her ass and made it shake and when he did her walls tightened down on him a little more. “Where do you need me to cum?”: he finally asks. “In me, cum in me!” she exclaimed. “You want me to cum all in your pussy?” He asked. And she said, “Yes daddy!” as she groaned through the dryness of her throat. Three or four more loud moans followed each one louder than the next just as the blows his cock was delivering to her pussy. Kenzie Anne could feel his dick beating her insides out, but it felt so good as he delivered all of his cum into her. He pulled out and flipped her back onto her back and requested that she finish herself off and said that he wanted to watch. Again, she took his orders and did just as he ask and started to play with her pussy.

would you cum for me kenzie anne asked luke

“Cum for me!” He said! As she flicked her pussy, her body wriggled, and he grinned at her noticing how she was unable to control herself. His fingers joined hers inside her pussy and he kept his thumb playing with her clit. With both of them fingering her at a rapid speed her eyes began to roll back in her head and her body shook wildly and she could feel her climax rising. Her legs attempted to close shut however he opened them wider and continued to play with her pussy. “Taste yourself!” He demanded. In addition, she did. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and while he was still fingering her, she tasted her own sweet juices. He was playing with his dick again and she could tell that it was hard once again, and as she continued to cum for the second time she didn’t know if she could handle round two.

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