Cheating on boyfriend with another girl

Would you say I am cheating on boyfriend if I told him about the sex I am going to commit? Well, I will tell you my story so you can decide.

Two or three days prior, my sweetheart had to leave for a business trip in Paris for his employer. As some of you who have stayed up with the latest with my “circumstances”, you’ll realize I run a selling discord channel that my boyfriend is aware of. However, I got kept out of my discord for several days while he was away, so I was not able to mess around with anybody for some time.

That was until I went to a bar one evening and met this young lady, Nancy. We hit it off perfectly and we were both on the lookout for new encounters, particularly girl on girl. We talked and drank together until we wound up kissing and going back to my loft.

When we returned to my place, we discussed our partners and at last the subject of cucking came up, I proposed that we facetime my boyfriend and let him watch. (It was just 9pm in Paris and I realized he wouldn’t be sleeping and most likely getting high in any case).

So, we did just that. I called my babe on facetime and at first, he was in an affectionate state of mind. That was until I showed him the young lady. Then, at that point, his attitude changed to be more stunned at this point. I put the camera down so he could see the two us in bed with clear view. Gradually, I began making out with Nancy. I was in paradise, realizing he was also enjoying the love making scene a lot.

Now is Nancy’s turn. She pushed me down and started stripping me off of my outfits. My boyfriend now had two naked young ladies making out and teasing him at the same time in facetime. His face looks precious as he was jaw dropping looking at us. He got turned on badly, so he took his dick out and started jerking off.

Now comes my turn, I pushed Nancy back down on the bed and pulled her panty off completely. I went down and started eating her pussy. She was very wet no doubt that she started screaming out my name in pleasure.

I took off my panty as well. Nancy is on top of me and face sitting me while my boyfriend continued wanking his cock. Nancy leaned back and fingered me to the point we both cum at the same time in the camera. We heard my boyfriend was moaning loudly so we knew he was about to cum. He turned the camera around and let us watch him jerking off his big dick. Then he finally shot out a big load of cum leaving us feeling very satisfied.

When my boyfriend and I reunited later on, I kept thinking about this situation where some people say I am cheating on boyfriend. The more I think about it, the more I realize I am actually not because first of all I did let him know beforehand. And second of all, he actually enjoyed seeing me with the girl. And most importantly, my boyfriend was okay after all.