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I am the class representative of my intake cohort. I occasionally miss classes, but I have never missed a single one of Liya Silver’s lectures. She is one beautiful Russian teacher and I have a crush on her. Not that I like books that much but because I admire her irresistible body. She has a petite ‌body with dangerous curves and big tits. How she swings her butt as she walks around the lecture room leaves me horny. Most of the time I have had to wank in my fantasies with her wishing I will bed her.

It’s on Saturday mid-morning and most of the lecture rooms are not usually occupied. I decide to get to one and catch up with Friday’s classes, which I missed. I am a lone in the room and guess who! Miss Silver, my all-time crush, walks in. Liya is in a black top and a short red mini dress that hugs her ass tightly. She asks my name and tells me that she will be teaching me Russian. She turns to write on the white board, and I go crazy over her bulging ass.

Liya is in high heels and I can see the tattoo on her thigh. I’m lost in fantasy with her in bed. She talks Russian, which I don’t quite understand, and she comes walking to my desk and bangs it. Ive never seen her this close to me and my cock gets hard for her. I stand up and show her my rock hard dick and she is impressed. Wow! Covering her mouth with her palm in amusement. She loves it.

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I feel a sense of achievement having laid my favorite teacher and we are all fulfilled. In fact, she tells me she also had a crush on me too. The rest of the lecture continues with the teacher and the student all nude. My huge loads of cum flow from her chin, down to her tits. She the most beautiful Russian teacher I have ever had.