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Uncensored Yuria Mano Gave Her Shy Professor The Best Sex Of His Life


“Yuria Mano And The oral play “

Yuria Mano has her professor, Lickon, lying on the bed naked with his boxers stuck on one leg. Her pink acrylic nails with glitters were wrapped around his dick as she slowly moved them up and down. As his student kept wanking his dick, his legs shook from the pleasure. Being the slut she is, she grabs one of his balls and dips them in her mouth. She licks his balls and goes upward toward the tip of his penis.

Lickon was shocked when she sat on top of him, facing him straight in the eye. She lifted her little skirt to reveal her baby pink undies, wet from the pleasure of watching him mourn as she gave him head. The professor gently rubs his fingers through her panties to feel the juicy kitty. The professor pulls her panties off and gets from below her, then spreads her legs wide open to see her hairy vagina. He then puts his long tongue inside her pussy as she groans.

Yuria Mano wants more of this, so she pulls his head off her and then pushes him onto the bed. In a slow and seductive crawl, she moves towards his head and sits on it. Her teacher pulls out his long tongue and dips it all in her pussy, then slides it down to her ass. She moans as she moves her waist around.”I’m going to squirt….ahhhhhhh,” she screamed, her legs shaking. Lickon kept mumbling through the squirt for her to get off, and after she did, he pulled her back to his mouth. The more he kept licking her coochie, the more she squirted all over his face. She then playfully covered his whole face with her thighs which the professor enjoyed.

“Yuria Mano And The Deep strokes”

Lickon removes her sweater and pulls up a bra to suck her cute small boobs. He puts his finger on her nipples as he massages her boobs. She slightly lifts her leg and gives it to her in missionary. He makes deep but slow thrusts which make her eyeballs disappear in her eyes like she’s possessed. He grabs one of her legs over his shoulder and digs deeper into her punani.

As the professor fucks her, he turns her over to the side, and he keeps fucking her. This continues till she’s completely turned to the side, and he spoons her. He then spreads her coochie by pulling up her leg and fucking the shit out of her. “Give it to me harder, baby! “Yuria Mano shouted. On hearing this, he held her leg tighter and continuously served her with strokes she could feel in her stomach. They groan as he feels her warm pussy, and she feels his cock deep in her. He then folds her in the same position and changes his rhythm as he destroys her vagina.

Pulling out his dick made her squirt with her tongue as she could hardly contain the pleasure. He then sits and puts her on top of him, then slides his dick in from below. “Let me tear that pussy up, you cunt, “the professor said as he made manly moans. The strokes accelerated, and she could feel him hitting her vagina walls. Lickon then grabs her waist and pushes it down as he gives it to her good. The slutty student then starts rubbing her pussy as he fucks him, which turns her on like crazy. Her tiny uniform skirt bounces up and down as the shy professor puts it in faster.

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Stars: Yuria Mano