My husband milked me in a movie theater

Me and my spouse are both 32 years old. It has been a year since we had our son, Mike. Sex has sort of been not a priority of late. However, last Valentine’s Day, I gave my husband a voucher to shop any sex toys he wanted. More so, there was a note therein, urging him to get as kinkier as he could, “I can handle it”.

Today, we went out to the cinema. Earlier, my instincts told me “Wear something easily removable”. The movie was rated PG 21+ and thus I knew we would get home very horny.

Shortly through the film, he slipped his arm around my shoulders and gently removed my bra. Our boy was breastfed and was sleeping soundly. He squeezed, flicked and delicately caressed at my hard nipples as milk spilt between his fingers. I was getting awkwardly wet, wriggling in my seat as he kept on caressing my nipples between his delightful fingers. Finally, he pulled his hand away he licked every single drop of milk off his fingers. “It’s better than that fucking popcorn”, he said.

Throughout the whole film, he shifted back and forth between pressing my aroused nipples and sucking my milk off my tits. Meanwhile, I was trickling through my undies. The film was soon over, and we left the cinema.

On our way home, in the car, I was literary vibrating with the need to cum. He clutched within my thigh rubbing his fingers, knowing damn well the thing he was doing, until we got off the highway and onto the country roads that lead to our home, where he slipped his hands into my undies.

He tapped my clit gently, simply tapping it daintily with the goal that each knock was anguishing. “God, you’re not kidding.” He prodded my clit as vehicles drove by and would not allow me to put my dress down. He continued to tap even as we arrived into the neighborhood until we, at last, parked the vehicle. “Go up, I’ll be there in one moment.”

He did not to need to tell my horny ass two times. I stripped down to nothing, slithered on the bed and paused. At long last came in. He crept up behind me and fucked me hard. He realized how wet licking my butt hole was and slid in.

He put a butt plug in my pussy as he proceeded with tongue fucking my butt hole before he spread me apart. “Do you agree that I should spit in your little gapping butt hole?” When he spat in my butt hole, I swear I came a bit. He pulled the very greased up butt plug from my pussy and gradually entered it into my butt hole as cum streamed in waterways down my legs. Then, gradually, he entered my pussy.

I saw stars burst from each thrust. I felt every last inch of his cock as he entered me. I felt each vein, each pulse and quickly came all over him. A couple of slow pushes later, I asked for another position, anything to make it less delicate.

As he entered me, I felt like I was pushed beyond my limits and beseeched him to kindly fill my pussy. “Satisfy dear god fill my pussy with cum!” He bounced on the bed, bowed my legs back to the extent that they would go, and looked at me dead without flinching as he said “Your pussy is so big and wet for Daddy, I will put one more boy in you, so you’ll continuously be pregnant and prepared for Daddy’s cum.”

I could hold it for only a minute longer. I’ve never cum so hard in my entire life. I fell fat asleep when it was over.

I’m prepared to be shoeless and pregnant for eternity.