My girlfriend Lily Kawaii helped me cum on the beach for the first time

The story I am about to tell you, happened a while back while my ex, and me named Larysa, was on vacation. We made out and my girlfriend helped me cum on the beach for the first time. At the time I was 20 and Lily Kawaii (lilykawaii or lilykawaiiX) was about to turn 26. We were on a seven day, paid for, round trip cruise. We had made several plans to venture off and see some attractions on the way, and one of them was to explore some of the nude beaches. Lily Kawaii had been to these types of beaches before, but I on the other hand had never experienced anything quite like it, so we were both excited for this being my first.

I had experienced a couple one-night stands, and maybe sunbathed topless, when distant from everyone else, but never anything so out in the open like these people was on the nudist beach. Since my teenage years, I have grown more accustomed to being naked and frankly, I enjoy being that way as much as possible, however it is somewhat difficult to do so, when you live with your mother and father, and several other members of the family.

The thought of being completely naked, out in the open, while around others the same way, made me extremely horny. I also could not stop myself from imagining what it might feel like to cum on the beach. We decided to leave our bathing suites back in our room to make sure that we could not chicken out and dress in them instead. The day for us to visit the nudist beach finally arrived and we showed up a little early, to my surprise the beach was already filled with a ton of naked individuals. We were still a distance away and I could already see the dicks and pussies all around.

We found ourselves a nice little spot, amongst the others, right by the ocean. It felt kind of odd, stripping down completely naked, not hiding behind a towel or some sort of cover. It made me feel rebellious in some way, as I was doing something unlawful, which for some reason seemed to turn me on even more.

lily kawaii and I at the beach where she helped me cum on the beach

I continued to strip down to complete nakedness. I still felt a little awkward, being that I still was not completely comfortable with my body at this stage. I was taller than others my age and had a bit of a meager undefined body, but on the good note I did have a nice round ass to make up for all the other things that I found wrong. Lily Kawaii, on the other hand had large C cup breast and nice athletic arms and legs. Her job kept her toned up for the most part and she had a well-toned stomach with heavenly hips. She was outgoing and delightful in every way and had short dark hair with bright green eyes. We were both a fair white color, for we had not seen much sun and we were a little out of place amongst these entire golden-brown tourists. We were both finely groomed, which made me feel all the more naked.

It was not long, I discovered myself to be extremely horny, and I could sense that everyone else noticed it also. Knowing that I was on this nudist beach, amongst all these other nude folks, that I had never met before sent a tingling sensation down on me that I cannot explain. It looked to be that we might have been the youngest amongst the crowd and this made me a little nervous at first. The others seemed to mostly of the older age, 50–70-year-old and this, to me, was a little surprising. I did not want to think about how some of them may have cum on the beach, in their days here. There were a few other men and a woman that may have been in their 30’s and 40’s but not very many. It did nothing for me to see all these older folks, my mom and dad’s age, naked. What turned me on the most was what everyone else would be seeing from their point of view, me. All of me was exposed and I was unable to hide, I could feel the sun and the breeze of the ocean against my bare body.

I Got Horny And Had The Urge To Have An Orgasm

I started to feel my nipples getting hard, as stone and I felt wet between my legs, as I started to wander again, what it would feel like to cum on the beach. In my mind, I could only imagine that everyone could sense how wet and horny I was, and this made me much more aroused. Lily Kawaii was the first one to notice how hot and bothered I had become, and I wandered if she imagined how it would feel to cum on the beach. Lily Kawaii always knew the right thing to do at just the right time and she came over to me and began applying moisturizer to my back, while whispering in my ear the things that she would like to do to me sexually.

At that point it seemed that all the juices, I could feel me wet with, should have been running down my legs. In addition, although I was probably the horniest at the ocean that day it seemed like all the older people amongst me were checking me out. It wasn’t long before I headed for the showers to immerse myself in cold water and try to stop myself from thinking of me having an orgasm on the beach. My cold shower was a waste of time and did not seem to help my horniness in the least.

The beach continued to overflow with tourist and naked people all over the place. Lily Kawaii, who had just recently mummer’s filthy things into my ear, began sexting me on my cell. She told me of all kinds of nasty, freaky things that she would like to do to me. Things like, she would like to see me tied up naked to the bed and watch someone screw me. She said she would allow me to lie like that until the maid come into the room to clean and found me like that. She told me how that she would come over to me every now and then and give my ass a smack until I was so turned on, I was ready to cum, then she would finally come over and fuck me. She said that she would screw me for a very long time and put me in every position one could imagine.

Lily Kawaii helped me cum on the beach for the first time

I grew hornier and hornier reading her text messages and could only hope that today she would make me cum on the beach. She knew how to turn me on more than anyone had ever been able to do. I could hardly contain myself now flipping back and forth onto my towel, I was probably noticeable to others with my sexual frustration building by the minute. Trying to cover up just how horny I was I took several dives out into the ocean, but it never really seemed to make a difference. I then heard Lily Kawaii call out “come with me a moment!” and she took me by the hand. She led me out into the water just enough that we were barely covered and could sit on the bottom of the ocean floor, with our heads still above water. Other individuals swam passed us just as naked as we were, seeming to pay us no mind. Lily Kawaii mentioned once again that she noticed how horny I was and finally she asks me if I had thought about how it would feel to cum on the beach.

Cum on the beach for the first time

She asks me to play with myself and suggested that we could remain here, so no one would notice, until I was finished. I looked up at her in shock and told her that she was probably right, at least it was more out of site than doing it ashore, were everyone was bound to see me. Somewhat uncertain but extremely horny I began to play with my clit and felt my juices soak my hand. While I played with myself, Lily Kawaii sat and stroked my bare skin as she whispered that everyone could see me and thought of me as a horny prostitute, as she looked at me and giggled. It didn’t take long of her talking filthy talk, me knowing it was true that I was about to cum on the beach and playing with myself before I began to feel myself release. My nerve endings in my clit were on fire and my climax was extreme. Electric shocks ran all through my body and for a few seconds I forgot, where I was and floated away; no one could have stopped me at this point, if they had tried.

I bit my lower lip until it was almost bleeding and held back my screams. On my way out of the water and back to our spot on the beach I felt like everyone had known what I was doing out in the water, and I felt everyone staring at me. This didn’t bother me but only made me begin to get horny again. Lily Kawaii and I ended up having an awesome day at the nudist beach and it came to be the most memorable time that I had all summer. I hoped that we could return and that it wouldn’t be my last. I am now 29 and since then I have visited several nudist beaches. I even found one that wasn’t too far from bet I reside, and I visit it regular.

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