I wanted Paul to cum on my face so badly

My name is Sylvia Le Reve (aka SylviaLeReve). Facials, for some they are a good thing, for some they are ok, and for some they are completely disgusting. For some they are simply a waste of good cum. For me they were simply fun, and I liked having cum on my face. This is a story of how I like to have cum on my face. However, before I begin let me just clear up a few things, I’ll attempt to be brief. Just sit back and relax, you have been cautioned.

For what reason would I like to have cum on my face, you might ask. Well on the grounds that I would like to savor the experience of making another cum. It is a demonstration that is all by itself enormously fulfilling and it comes with it a pleasurable feeling of triumph. How does this relate to facials, you may be wandering? Because I love the evasiveness of a visual completion in standard pornography, the unassuming cum covered face has turned into a number one for me.

Sylvia Le Reve asked please cum on my face

Subsequently most, when given the decision, one will decide on a facial completion at their own inclination. For some in the event that they can cum on a spot that they really appreciate, they consider this having a good time. On the off chance that the other is having a good time, this causes me to have an even better time, giving me the feeling of a win. That is the reason I like to say, “cum on my face!” Yet why worthwhile? It’s simple, as stated above, facials have been invested wholeheartedly of among many Porn stars, the best was to finish off.

I found me self in many situations where I found that I would be kneeling down for a really long time and its inclination is awkward. The scenarios left me only wishing for the scene to be finished. I tracked down four words “cum on my face” to be the best trigger words for someone to be pushed past the brink and finish what they had begun. Is it somewhat chilly, cunning, and manipulative? Yes, in a sense it is but very worthwhile. I found out that it had saved my knees on many occasions. So, for me I liked to say, “cum on my face!”

Paul Invited Sylvia Le Reve Back To His Place

Paul and I (Sylvia Le Reve) were not precisely companions; however, we had been colleagues for quite some time. We would frequently see each other at gatherings, get together, and carry-on general conversation, but nothing more than that ever really crossed our minds. That is until one night not long after I had just broken up with one of me ex boyfriends and I found myself a little on the bounce back. A huge group of friends had gotten together to mingle and as the hours drew late and people went home the circle grew smaller.

As I looked around to find another familiar face, I was shocked to see that I had ended up in the circle with just me and Paul. With a combination of excessive flirty comments and an extreme amount of liquor I found myself finding him more and more attractive by the minute as to what I had found him earlier on in the night. He was indeed excessively shorter than me, however I found him to be extremely amusing, and I noticed that he did have amazing looking eyes. He also had going for him a rather stunning haircut and it in some way caused him to be much more alluring than I had considered before. I in some way just needed to say the words “cum on my face!” but instead I flirted a little more first.

I found myself being quite the little tease and after about an hour in each other’s company he insisted that I accompany him back to his place, so I didn’t deny the invitation. We took an uber back to his place and on the way there, we decided to drop the general conversation and instead indulge in tonging each other’s faces until they had arrived at Paul’s place. Upon arrival and standing at his entryway there was an awkward moment of him fumbling for his keys and I was afraid while giving a moment to reconsider that we both might end up changing our minds. Thankfully he found his keys rather quickly and we were both inside in no time.

Sylvia Le Reve And Paul Made Out To Each Other

We found themselves stripping down to expose each other’s bodies and were discovering each other with our hands. Making out this whole time and feeling each other up it may have only been a few minutes, but we were hornier than hell by now. We wasted no more time and quickly got down to business. The sex was very great for both of us to be incredibly intoxicated. After a while of fine-tuning what each other liked they settled on me being on top and doing most of the work. Just what I had expected, and I wandered how soon I would get to tell him to cum on my face. It was not long at different speeds of fucking him that I came. I was both shocked and happier to complete mine first for a change.

He appeared to be just as excited as I was to be able to please me although I did not understand why, since I had done most of the work. I wandered if he was any closer to completing himself and I asked him how close he was. I did not ask him in a fatigued or crabby way; just in a way so that I could figure out the best approach to take to help get him there. “Close!” he said, not giving me a very clear explanation as to what I was needing. “Then where would you like to cum?” I asked, attempting to be demurer about things but getting me point across. At that point, he froze. Like a meme I could see his eyes light up and knew exactly what he was thinking.

Sylvia Le Reve begged Paul cum on my face please

I inquired as if he was ok, considering he was still frozen, sort of in a state of shock. I considered whether or not this was going to kill the vibe and considered skipping on whether or not I should skip on him. “No, sorry, I’m fine!” he finally replied. He told me it was just simply that no one had ever asked him that before, so it took him by surprise. I thought then that I had most certainly spoiled the occasion by asking the question and thought it was a good thing I didn’t just say “cum on my face” I was afraid now that it would take all night to get him there and needed to get back in the zone. I wandered if he would pick something crazy or outrageous scene that he had saw on some pornography video and I began to prepare myself for the absolute worst.

Sylvia Le Reve Asked Paul To Cum On Her Face

I (Sylvia Le Reve) told him this was his evening and all he had to do was name it and I was down. He seemed like he had become more and more flushed as the conversation continued, which I thought to be an odd response considering he was inside of me. My heart sank with more and more disappointment for the thought of being humiliated and the situation did not seem to be going good at the moment. I started contemplating on how to change the subject to something different when finally, he replied with “would it be ok if I came all over?” “Fuck he simply needed to cum on my face”, I thought to myself. My internal frenzy simply dies down and it makes it almost impossible for the vibe was unobtrusive.

I put forth to give me best and put on what I could as a smile. I leaped off of him and off of the bed completely so that he could see all of me and the situation at hand, and he sat on the edge of the be peering down at me. I was now situated on my knees below him. I took his cock into me grasp and started what I called a stage handjob; strong hold, moderately fast speed while my other hand strokes and delicately massaged his balls. After a minute of this I understood the concise conversation and removed the quickness from his completion. Overall, I advised him to simply tell me when he was going to cum and I took him cock back into my mouth.

I sucked on him and throated him for some time and then he told me that he is getting close. Obediently I whipped his cock out of me mouth and started stroking it harder and faster as I gazed up at him and he peered down at me with desire and fervor in his eyes. After a couple of minutes of taking a gander at one another I felt pre-cum starting to ooze inside me mouth. He apologized and I smiled up at him thinking that this is the moment for such conversation. I took him back inside my mouth again and took him further in my throat than before. It took a min for his natural strain to return, and I could feel it returning with my tongue.

Sylvia Le Reve wanted a cum on my face so badly

“Fuck I’m going to cum!” he finally announced peering down at me. “Thanks! Fuck” I thought to myself as I told him “Cum on my face!” and continued to stroke his cock. I felt as if he was never going to get there but I did not give up, I began to talk to him nastier and dirtier by the moment telling him to cum all over me. I was anything but shy. My hand was folded over his cock, and I continued to stroke and suck on him. Once again, I told him “Cum on my face!” and this time he did. He came. In addition, extraordinary downpour of energy ejected from his cock striking my cheek and drizzling my nose upon influence.

I did not even have a chance to shut my eyes before the main flood of cum splashed across my face. I increased the stroking and more of him shot out, his cum was waterier than the thick ropes I had been familiar with lately. The splash got in my hair and trickled down to the upper portion of my body. He looked very pleased. I quickly realized that I needed a shower however this was part of the experience. Afterwards, I made my way to the shower, and I was not sure this was my most memorable facial, but I hoped it had satisfied him. He told me that it was perfect, and he was brimming with energy. In any case it most certainly looked more appealing in pornography.

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