I made out with a Tinder date in my car

I love having a Tinder date from time to time. I think the most awesome aspect of Tinder is that it’s quite easy to meet your date and spend time with them. Therefore, I restrict my right swipes to girls that live nearby so that I can convince them to meet up for a drink at the nearby bar. When they agree, I know that it’s quite easy to get them back to my home that is just steps away from the bar.

I met this young lady named Leah on Tinder. She was a tall brunette with a very cute smile. She had dazzling white teeth and big, cute cheeks. And the most important feature that caught my attention was her tight ass. Her pictures on Tinder were all outdoor, so I guess that she is an adventurous person. Of course, I wanted to hit her up.

So, the story is like this. One Saturday, in the early afternoon, I was feeling quite bored in my condo. I looked up my phone to see if I can get any Tinder date for the day. That was when I saw Leah profile. I sent her a message saying I would like to go to the mall nearby to get a milkshake and later hang out at the recreational area to listen to music and chill for bit. She asked if she could join, and I texted back ‘Yeah, that would be cool!’.

I agreed to get her from Starbucks and drove her to the mall and the recreational area. We chatted casually in the car as we drove to the mall. She told me of her school days and about work. All along, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked when she casually flipped her hair just before she smiled. Her big eyes were very sexy.

I looked at her and she looked away. We locked eyes briefly. Although we said nothing, we both realized that we were both wildly attracted one another. I leaned over for a kiss, and she kissed me back. I gently caressed her thighs. She grabbed my wrist and moved my hand on her tits. They were quite small, but I didn’t care. I love tits of every kind.

I got inside her blouse and under her bra. Her nipples were rock hard. Leah then knelt down in the front seat. She unzipped my jeans, removed my dick out and started to stroke it. She started to suck my balls. My semi-hard dick got very erect. She held my dick and pushed it in her mouth. Fuck, her lips were phenomenal. She played with my balls while she blew me enthusiastically.

Next, I unbuttoned her bra. The bra didn’t fall off totally because she was wearing a blouse. I started to play with her little tits while she sucked my dick. Then, I pulled her over me so she could ride me. She promptly began to bubble butt on me. Her pussy felt so warm inside. After a while, she pulled me over on her. She laid back and spread her legs. I got my cock hard and played with it all over her pussy until it sneaked in.

I started to pound her tight pussy hard. Fuck! She felt good. I knew if I continued onward, I was going to cum. Considering this, I dialed back and put her hand on her clit. She immediately began to rub her clit while my dick was inside her.

I started to dip it in and out. She rubbed her clit quicker. I tenderly squeezed her nipples. All of a sudden, my Tinder date Leah was clasping her hips and cumming. Her squirt gushed all over my face when I pulled my dick out. She looked like someone in a frenzy. I then bent her over and started to slam my hard cock into her tight pussy from behind. The view of her ass made me hornier.

Just before I blew my heap, I pulled out. She turned and pulled my dick into her mouth. She moved her head back and forth quickly while caressing my balls. I screwed her face hard. “Fuck!” I said as I cum in her throat. Leah didn’t stop until every single drop was in her mouth. She gulped and afterwards went after her milkshake to wash it down. She then grinned at me, laughed, and started to get dressed.

Later, my Tinder date Leah and I even had some more fun at the recreational area.