I fucked two hot brunette girls in a volleyball team

This is a story of me fucking my friend Ashley and her teammate Danielle, two hot brunette girls, except this story has an added twist. For those of you who may not know, Ashley and I are very close friends, and have been since my sophomore year. Ashley and I met my freshman year and decided to become good fuck buddies. Ashley is a hot, sexy brunette girl with large tits, beautiful hazel eyes, and a huge ass that makes all the heads turn.

Coming up toward the end of the school year, and just being done with finals, I have been totally worn out. After finally completing the end of the year finals, I continued home to my apartment. That’s when I noticed Ashley and her Volleyball friends hanging out in a nearby park. I decided to go over and speak with them.

Damn, every one of those brunette girls from her volleyball team is hot as hell. All of them have nice plump asses that will cause you to drool. These brunette girls are so sexy they could all be models. Although every one of these girls is sexy, there is one that caught my attention more, and that was Danielle. Danielle was a little taller than Ashley, standing somewhere around 5’6, she had beautiful blonde hair, and like the others a plump round ass, with tits also larger than Ashley’s.

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Danielle and I had met prior in a class we had took together. She was the delicate type, a very sweet young woman and exceptionally brilliant. She was also one of the best volleyball players on her team and all of the brunette girls that ran with her must have been jealous. Sometimes I found myself attending the games just to get a glance at Danielle’s body. That day she was wearing a tight, low cut, shirt and her boobs stuck out of the top of it, and she accompanied it with a pair of extremely short bootie shorts.

Ashley must have noticed me looking at Danielle, and she gave me a playful nudge in my side. She then whispered in my ear and called me a pervert, followed by a playful giggle. The conversations came to a halt, and everyone got ready to leave, heading out in their own directions. Ashley approached me and suggested that the finals had added a lot of stress to everyone and that it would be a good idea to accompany her to her apartment to help relieve some pressure. I figured it wouldn’t hurt, since we would be alone because it would be a while before Danielle showed back up.

As we arrived at Ashley’s apartment, I wasted no time getting her clothes off and she done the same, following my lead. We began making out and taking each other’s tongues into our mouths along with feeling every inch of each other’s bodies. She then grabbed my cock and started to massage it with her smoothed hands, and I was caressing her boobs. As she continues to stroke my cock, I become extremely hard, and I am ready to give her a good pounding.

She pushes me down on the sofa and continues to climb on top of me, grinding her wetness all over my lap. She then whispers dirty talk into my ear and kisses me more, right before she jumps up and tells me that she is going to put something a little sexier on for me. When she comes back into the room, she has on the sexiest set of lingerie I could imagine. The lingerie she is wearing is called, women unmentionables.

She looked so provocative in this sexy set of lingerie, and she was about to drive me insane. The set of unmentionables was of a dark color, a set of both bra and panties that where nearly see through. The panties barely cover her pussy lips, and I can hardly hold myself together. I can’t wait to feel her wetness upon me again. This girl is so sexy, and I could only imagine the entire group of brunette girls being here with us.

Ashley is the type that likes to be admired. We have had many talks about how she thinks most men rush into things and don’t take the time to see a woman’s beauty. Therefore, I allow her to flaunt in front of me and show off her sexy brunette girl body, as I stroke myself, and I tell her just how hot she is. She approaches me, grabs me by the wrist, and begins to climb back into my lap. She begins to ride me, and I feel her wetness once again.

I place one of my hands on her butt and one of them on her tit, and I force myself upward and into her groin. I then push her panties to the side so that I can feel her skin to skin. She keeps her vagina shaved and I feel her smoothness against my cock. I wait no longer, and I gently push myself into her hot, wet pussy.

She is rocking and bouncing all over my dick, not missing a beat with her hot, wet pussy. All her stress was now being released. Now with both my hands, I grab her plump, round ass and gather her tits into my mouth. I suck on her tits vigorously and she grabs my head pushing me more into them. I grab her up and slam her back over onto the bed, onto her back. I completely undress her and then position her into a spooning position.

Holding on to my left arm with her left hand, I grasped her right thigh with my right arm and rocked her back and forth onto my cock. I began pounding her pussy with all I have. She let out moans of pure ecstasy and you could tell she was holding back exploding all over me. She called out my name and the sound of her sweet voice crying for me made me harder inside of her. We both moaned out so loudly those others may have heard us, but we were lost in our pleasures and could have cared less.

I was closing in on one of my biggest orgasms, but I knew that she wasn’t quite there yet, so I held off. She then placed one of my hands on her clit wanting me to smack it gently, and I did. Pumping myself into her, gently smacking and rubbing on her clit so that she could cum with me, her groans became louder and louder. “Oh yeah fuck yeah, yes, fuck yes!” she cried out. It wasn’t long and we were both cumming hard together. As she came, her head threw back, her eyes shut and rolled back into her head, and she cried out my name repeatedly.

Afterwards, she told me how good of fuck that was and said that she couldn’t wait to see what this spring held in store for us, being that we had each other to fuck all spring break. Then she continued with her mouth, down to my cock to suck all her juices off me and let it out with a pop. She licked her lips and gave the head of my dick a kiss, then I held her a while as we continued talking about our spring break.

We discussed things like finals, our teachers, and so on, and then the volleyball team was mentioned. Danielle was the first of the topic, of course. She told me how she seen me looking at Danielle and said she noticed my hard cock through my pants. Then she asked me what I was thinking about to cause me to get so hard. I then replied with “Damn, can you blame me? Have you not noticed how extremely hot Danielle is?” She asked me if I had the chance, would I fuck her and I replied, “Hell Yes!” Then Ashley gave me a playful smack and said how dare you, you mean you would pick her over me?

“No of course not!” I replied. I told her that she was my main course not to be so jealous and then we both drifted off to sleep. I have no clue what has gotten into my, for while nodding off I was unable to stop thinking about Danielle. Out of nowhere, I find my self-thirsting for this hot girl. Maybe it was because she was much more developed than all the rest of the brunette girls.

I guess that I had been asleep around a couple of hours when I awoke to Ashley giving me head. Damn, this chick is really something! I started to say something, and she pressed a finger against my lips to shut me. “Prepared for round two?” she asked. Then she took the full length of my cock into her mouth and gave me the most wonderful head ever. She slobbered all over my cock, while kneading my balls, while sometimes taking them into her mouth also.

As I rose near to my orgasm, I heard someone enter the apartment. I tried to alert Ashley, but she was too caught up in sucking my cock. I heard Danielle call out “hello I’m back Ashley” right as I start to cum, Danielle entered the room before either one of us has a chance to respond. My load sprayed high and across the room and Danielle stood there in astonishment. I rush to get my clothes on feeling a little embarrassed, but Ashley motioned for me to stop. As Ashley went to the doorway and pulled it closed and locked it Danielle and I stood there in a bit of shock.

“Are you certain you need to leave?” ask Ashley. “I would think you’re just like the rest of us and could use a little stress relief after finals.” Danielle turned and looked at me and I was at loss for words. She then turned back to Ashley and implied that she should really come back some other time.  It was then that Ashley mentioned Danielle’s recent breakup, and that she had noticed how sexually frustrated she had become. “Here’s your opportunity.” Ashley said. Danielle began to blush a little and I pretended not to notice.

I greatly admired my dick throbbing at the situation that could possibly happen. I spotted Danielle looking at my dick every once in a while, and then looking back up at me. Ashley stated that I to would like Danielle to remain and I could feel the tension in the room building. Danielle and I locked eyes, but I could not force a word from my mouth. She looked so sexy in her outfit; it showed all of her curves. I then knew what I needed to do, providing that she was ok with it. Therefore, I took my chance and strolled across the room to envelope Danielle into my arms.

I Fucked Two Hot Brunette Girls In A Volleyball Team

As soon as I could, I went for a kiss, she wasn’t sure at first, but seconds later, she followed my lead. I fondled her all over as I pulled her close to me. She let out a playful screech. I felt her wetness between her legs as I pushed her up against the wall. I continued with my hand up her shirt and caressed her huge tits. My hunger for her was outrageous, and I planned to make her mine this evening, making both of these brunette girls mine this evening.

I looked over and noticed Ashley perched on the lounge chair, watching this action go on she was fingering herself. Now I was sure that this was happening, so I snatched her ass up with more confidence than before and slammed her gently on the bed. She pushed me off, only to remove her shorts, exposing her plump ass and pussy. It was also shaved like Ashley’s. I removed her shirt and bra, uncovering her huge breasts. I was so distraught gazing at her lovely body, that she asks me if I was ok. I then proceeded to fondle her breast, positioning her so that her round ass was pressed up against my cock.

She let out a loud moan, as I smacked her plump round ass and positioned my cock between her legs. I slid my cock gently inside of her and damn she was so tight. The room was filled with skin-to-skin activity, and I loved every minute of it. She let out a light giggle and moaned my name. Any man at that point, as was I, would be the horniest man on the planet. I grasped onto her ass once again and I continued my slow-motion fucking which eventually turned into pounding. Her nipples grew large and hard, and I took them into my mouth, playing with them with my tongue. She continued to moan out my name, which made me push into her even harder.

I fucked two hot brunette girls in a volleyball team

Soon Ashley strolled over to us, and said “you like this, don’t you?” She began kissing me roughly, as I pounded Danielle from behind. I was then in paradise with two hot brunette girls. I had the whole front of her body pressed against the bed as I continued to beat the pussy. It wasn’t long before I felt her thighs tremble and heard her let out a long panting groan. I felt her pussy close tightly around my cock. I was pleased at that time that I could satisfy her so much. I still wasn’t done at this point, but I allowed her climax to die down a little, I took myself out of her and then continued to eat her out. Circling her clit with my tongue, caressing her steadily.

After some short time, Ashley approached feeling left out, so I grabbed her by the ass and laid her down on the bed next to Danielle. “Fuck me!” she demanded.  Without further due, I got on my knees and pushed my cock deep inside of her. Danielle lay beside us fingering her and enjoying the scenery. “You like this don’t you Danielle?” Ashley asked through her panted breath. “You need more, don’t you?”  Damn the sexy brunette girls were great! Ashley’s tight pussy took hold of my cock incredibly hard, and I felt her nails dig into the skin on my back. I could feel her getting close to cumming. However, it was not time yet. I climbed off Ashley and made my way toward Danielle.

She lay me down on the bed and climbed up into my lap she was grinding her wetness all over my cock. Her hands were scouring my hair, mine rubbing her backside, investigating her delightful body. I slid my hands down to her ass and helped her rock back and forth on my cock. She took me inside her once more and bounced up and down all over my cock. She was so incredibly close to cumming again, so I pushed into her even harder. Her hot, wet walls grasped my cock, and I felt her wetness pour out of her. I kissed her neck, sucking a hickey on her neck, I’m sure. She began to groan so much louder and stronger as I began to pound her quicker. I played with her huge tits and she threw her head back in ecstasy. We were both so close to exploding all over each other. I told her that I was about to cum and she informed me that she was not on the pill, so Ashley volunteered to let me cum inside of her instead. Danielle released herself then climbed up off of me, so that Ashley could climb on. Ashley mounted my dick and demanded that I cum in her instantly, while Danielle was climbing onto my face. I ate Danielle out as well as I could, and I felt her wetness dripping down onto my face as I felt Ashley dropping down on my cock.

These two brunette girls sure knew how to get down to business. Danielle creaming all over my face, as Ashley rode my cock. I could see that they were both close to cumming. Danielle became more fragile, and I let her grind herself into my face. Ashley became increasingly loud with her moans. I circle Danielle’s clit with my tongue, and she lets out a loud groan. She then fell on the bed beside me. I felt Ashley’s walls shudder and close tightly around my cock as she groaned my name while she came. I shot four long explosions of cum inside of her and she jumped off me leaving the last one to spill on the bed.

All three of us lay next to each other after we were done, and we looked at each other and giggled. Danielle proceeded to clean me up with her mouth, and then we all headed to the shower together. The whole way chatting and kissing. Afterwards we all got dressed and went about our own ways.