Hot lab dance from Ukrainian chicks

Last years vacation time was pretty exciting but this year is starting out a little shabby. I suppose that is one reason it is important to collect plenty of memories especially those ones that go well. One of my last trips was with Olena and you can rest assured that we made some memories and had some unforgettable experiences, it was definitely unforgettable.

This year I have been thinking about going to the Ukraine for a while, maybe getting a hot lap dance by some Ukrainian chick, but I have yet to figure out how to get the time and opportunity. I was looking at a few flight options over my lunch break and then all of a sudden, I seen it. A weekend escape to the Ukraine for a very reasonable price. I ran to call Olena as quick as I could so that I could tell her to be ready to pack; we were headed to the Island.

Not going into many details about the days leading up to the vacation at the moment but let us jump to our first day there. Olena immediately called me out on what she thought the reason was that I asked her to come here. She said, “Look at you; you can’t keep your eyes off of any young lady you see!” It is loosely said when I tell you that a Ukrainian woman is beautiful but damn these ladies here where just plain out smoking hot. “I bet you would take one into our room for a hot lap dance in a minute.” She said. Of course, I would, that was what I was here for. Damn Olena surely knew me well as she hit it right on the spot when she said that. The thoughts of a hot lap dance from one of these sexy Ukrainian ladies was already making my cock rise up against my pants.

The following night as we went out to supper, we decided to take a stroll afterward to check out some of the sites around the city and found ourselves turned down the wrong road. We were desperate for directions, so we ducked into the first building that we have seen with a neon sign above it. The naked lady like shape and the bouncer at the door suggested that it may be some sort of adult like club. “Well, what do you know here’s that strip club you been talking about wanting to go to” Olena pronounced. Perhaps I would get to see a little extra beyond the city limits after all.

I could not possibly pass up this chance of me getting my hot lap dance so I asked the bouncer how much it would cost us to enter the club. It was something I could afford so in we went. The place was barely lit and filled with many horny men a little staff. We moved towards the back of the bar to grab ourselves a drink and I do not think either of us were very sure on how to carry ourselves in a place like this. I spotted an empty table at the back of the room, and we moved toward it so that we could settle in for a bit. As we were sitting there drinking our mixed drinks we watched as some of the ladies that worked passed us by and wow was, they something.

We could see that we weren’t the only ones that felt awkward, at times we would notice an occasional worker that was a little out of her element also. Luckily for us one of the more experienced ladies was comfortable enough to move toward where we were sitting. It was likely that she noticed how hard I had been staring at her, I could only wish for her to be the one to give me that hot lap dance. Olena and I had already decided that she was certainly one of the most attractive ladies there. She was prancing around on stilettos and her long legs reached up to her perfect round ass. Her body was melted into her body suit that barely covered her c cup breast. She had medium length, wavy, dark colored hair and her face looked to charming for this type of work.

She made her way over to us and asked us something in a language we did not understand. I tried to let her know the best that I could that we did not speak the same language as she was and then she rehashed it in a slow broken up Russian. She asked what I had dreamed of being asked, “Would either of you like a hot lap dance?” I immediately took out my money and slipped a few bills under her body suit and replied, “for the young lady!” as I did, I really surprised myself that I had just paid for a hot lap dance that wasn’t mine.

I let her know that Olena did not speak Ukranian but would love to just partake in the view. I could tell that it all had caught Olena off guard a little, but she was pleased to have a body this hot so close to hers. I could feel myself getting harder by the moment as I watched this hot Ukrainian ass crush in my friends lap and I loved the way she moved about in an artist like style as she laid her hands on Olena. “I ask her where I can contact her later.” I said. Her hips began swaying back and forth toward the dance floor she continued her hot lap dance on my friend, and she said that I was not allowed to touch her, or she would have to call off the dance. I told Olena and she looked a little disappointed but abided by the rules.

Now these two were face to face and the dancer was mounted on top of Olena and she began prodding her, kissing her on the neck and all around everywhere except on the lips. It was not long before Olena broke the rule and placed her hands on the dancer’s stomach but surprisingly the dancer did not stop the dance. Olena moved her hands down to her thighs and then back up onto her ass wrapping her fingers around those nice plump ass cheeks. Olena’s hands make their way up the dancers back and then into her hair, down her neck and into the front. She landed her hands on her breast and started caressing them softly, with a few attempts here and there to go under the body suit but that’s where she cut her off.

The dancer directs Olena’s hands down to her legs and then turns to me and ask if she could take my friend to a more private part of the club. This hot lap dance was turning into much more and I was so horny. I answered quickly telling her that would be fine as long as I could tag along, and she told me that I would have to pay a little extra. I took out the money without hesitation and got ready for a night to remember. The three of us leave the table and make our way down several hallways until we enter a room with a sign that read “confidential” She put Olena down on the large couch and I sat down on a seat next to where the scene was taking place.

The dancer stood before Olena striped back the top part of her body suit revealing her large breast. I noticed her thin but toned stomach as she continued to strip down to nothing exposing her neatly shaven pussy. She got on top of Olena again and I could barely hold myself together as I placed my hand on my cock. Olena begins playing with the dancers’ perfect tits and started suckling on her nipples. Her hand then drops down to her pussy and she stops on the clit and begins flicking it. The dancers’ hands go underneath Olena’s shirt to grasp her B cup breast and then removes the shirt rather quickly. Olena then slips her fingers into the dancer’s pussy and you can see the wetness glisten off of her skin.

The dancer lets out a hard breath as she gets fingered by my friend. The dancer then slips a hand into Olena’s pants and I hear a sexy moan escape out from around her mouth that was still suckling on the dancer’s nipple. The two young ladies finger each other while moving their hips in rhythm. Suddenly the dancer stops, and I notice her body start to convulse as Olena continues to finger her quickly. She lets out a load groan and falls onto Olena. “I can take over from here.” I tell the dancer. Moreover, the dancer complies while she asks us to stay in the room a little longer. Olena looked pleased that she made a dancer that was as hot as this one cum so fast.

I leaned in to kiss my friend with one hand on her tit and the other removing her pants and panties completely. Olena does the same and I lay her down on the couch and skip the foreplay to enter inside of her. She was so wet and prepared to take my cock. I built up speed as I fucked her, and it did not take long for either of us to reach the point of climax. She moaned out in pure ecstasy as I released my hot cum inside of her. We lay there afterward for some time before we finally got dressed and left the room. As we were leaving, we noticed our dancer back at work and she waved us a farewell while giving us a sexy wink. Back at the room we talked to each other about our experience, and both agreed that we could go for another night like this anytime.