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Ever since her last anal encounter with her hot boyfriend, Stiff, she cannot stop thinking about it. When he gets home from work, he finds her in a cute schoolgirl costume, giving him a boner. Angel instructs him to strip naked and bends over with a smile, thinking about how freaky things will get.

He teases her pussy to make his dick wet, then puts the tip in her ass, making her stick her tongue out.” Shove it up my ass just like that,” she says when he goes deeper since it was driving her loco. Seeing how good she feels, she holds her waist with one hand and keeps shafting in and out of her kitty. You can see her fat wet pussy when she spreads her cheeks and then grabs her boob. Her titty peeks on the side, rub it, then quickly holds the seat when the pounding intensifies.

Stiff and Angel fuck around the house like bunnies, and their sex is always amazing. After getting some good head, her boyfriend with the sleeve tattoo places her on the table. He pulls her shirt up, touches her tits, and nibbles her nipple, then whispers in her ear,” You ready for some ass pounding” The smile on her face just said it all, so he lifts one of her legs. With her legs spread wide, he inserts his enormous cock in her tight asshole, making her moan. They look into each other’s eyes with passion enjoying seeing each other and feeling the moment. When he thrusts a little deeper, she leans backward and moans softly. On increasing the pace of the poundings, her pussy gets so wet from feeling his dick in her walls.

Littleangelph gives the best anal ride that drives Stiff crazy as he watches her bounce on his big cock. Her pink lips look so good as she moans, and her titties shake so well. As she fucks him, he enjoys the view of her pussy lips hanging out. With her hands on his legs, she takes all his dick in her booty, making Stiff go nuts. He starts fucking her from below at a fast tempo which makes her scream and talk dirty.

On pushing her up, he takes out his dick, and his cum jets out. Angel watches him as he holds his dick and wanks it, and his hands slide through easily, thanks to his cum. Watching him hold hid big dick makes her pussy moist, and when he lets go of it, it moves side to side. This diva’s booty hole looks so tasty. Stiff wants to bend and lick her out, then pound her ass hard.

Laying outdoors in a poolside seat with his dick in front of her face, she rubs it with her lips. Stiff is so aroused he says,” Open wide for the long stick.” Without hesitation, she does it, and he slips his manhood in her mouth. Her nipples touch her sheets as she looks up at him with sexy eyes and sucks his cock. She has a small bum and soft thighs that Stiff loves to lick and shower with kisses.

Starting with the tip, she goes deeper, making him groan as he watches his nasty babe. When Littleangelph deepthroats him, he can feel the pressure build-up on his dick, and he takes it out of her warm mouth. He then holds his dick and jerks off as she sticks her tongue out, waiting for Daddy’s cum. After a while, he covers her face with his fluids, some of which go into her mouth. Seeing his cum flow from her pretty face makes him want to take a trip to bootyhole land.

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