Elizabeth Kovalenko let her friend fuck her throat

Elizabeth Kovalenko (Liza Kovalenko) had enjoyed her previous weekend with her latest fuck friend Jimmy, and she had the naughtiest sex of her life during that time. They had intercourse a couple of times before and they had developed a sort of new relationship energy that caused them not to be able to keep their hands off of each other and she had allowed him to fuck her throat. He began enticing her early that morning saying little naughty things in her ear and slipping love taps in on her here and there. They were going on vacation and had to fly there. Boarding the plane, they simply took their seats, and she quietly placed her hands on his groin and prodded him knowing that the security cams were watching.

By the time the plane took off he was hard as stone, and it was obvious through his jeans. Elizabeth Kovalenko inquired to as whether or not he needed to fuck her throat in the nearby restroom and he considered the invitation. They headed off together to the restroom and other individuals on the plane simply stared because it is not natural for two people to enter the restroom together. She was so horny at the time that she could care less, and she loved the fact that everyone knew what was going on, it made it that much more exciting for her. He attempted to pull her skintight yoga pants down and they quickly realized that they did not have much room to do as they wished. Who would have thought, right? She guessed these little restrooms were not intended for two people after all.

elizabeth kovalenko let her friend fuck her throat

In the end they decided on a different position where he would position himself on the toiler and she could place herself on top allowing her to ride his cock. Her adrenaline was up, her nerves were scattered, and it caused her to cum quicker than she would have before. He was not far behind her and came in the same amount of time. Elizabeth returned to her senses and made him set tight in the restroom as she made her way back to her seat. He followed her sometime shortly so that it would not look as obvious as to what the two had just done.

Unbelievably, she could not, but she was still horny, so she continued to play with him along the trip there. Upon arrival she simply wanted to let him fuck her throat once again. Instead of fucking her throat right away they decided to have a few drinks at the lobby bar instead. They were on the third floor of the motel and the glass windows overlooked a cliff alongside the ocean, it was beautiful. Unable to withstand it any longer she hit her knees and was fully open to having her throat fucked at the moment. He began getting hard as stone and she felt the need to be a little hazardous, so she stuck her head through the bars of the decorative railing and let him fuck her throat.

Elizabeth Kovalenko let Jimmy fuck her throat in front of the crowd

He was larger than what she was used to, she began chocking, and hacking continually and it took her a minute to acknowledge that they had collected a gathering of onlookers. It made her hornier knowing that they were watching and knowing the way that he must feel while fucking her throat and she allowed him to go deeper and deeper. Elizabeth Kovalenko began to soak her panties and was not able to stand it much longer before needing more. She started to stir down and twisted her body around the railing in a sexy way. The gathering, all drinking alcohol, was urging them on the whole time.

At first, he fucked her gently attempting to entice the crowd. She wanted to give the crowd all that they needed so she turned around abruptly and demanded to fuck her right then. Without a second thought they began to fully give themselves to one another, you could hear the sounds of their skin smacking off one another and his dick bouncing off the walls of her pussy. The look of the audience gazing toward them as they fucked enticed her more and she felt the need to give them a show. Elizabeth Kovalenko began groaning like a porn star when suddenly he pushed something in her mouth to silence her. The gathering audience fell off one by one and they decided that it would be best to move their fuck session in doors so the proceeded that way.

she had let him fuck her throat and cum all over her like a good little whore

Both of them were extremely horny and as they hit the bed inside, they continued to fuck like wild animals. At some point he had her face smashed into the bed and was fucking her so hard that she thought he had planned to hammer the headboard through the dry wall. She quietly apologized to the others that may have been next door. She had already come two times and she had let him fuck her throat and cum all over her like a good little whore. The next day they were on the oceanfront and their recent sexcapade was still fresh in her mind… she wanted more.

The ocean side was not very packed however there was a couple that was positioned about 50 ft. away from where they had decided to sit for the day. She was sitting in between his legs and tossed her towel up over her. Her feet were all the while hanging out and her body was barely covered but she could hardly care less. At first, he was very anxious and was really reluctant at what was about to happen but as soon as she opened up for him to fuck her throat, he became instantly hard. She began sucking and she knew that there had to be people that could see what was going on, yet that only made her take him in even more. She was centered on making this blowjob as sensual as she could, and she slowly brought him down as far as possible into her throat.

Elizabeth Kovalenko utilized her tongue to prod the head of his cock and played with his ball s ant the same time. She did not see it coming and he pushed her head down hard and fast descending far into her throat. He could fuck her throat like this all night long if she would allow it. When she emerged from in under the towel, she noticed that the bystanders had left, and she did not worry about what might have been seen or not. Later that evening she asked him to screw her again in the entryway behind the café that they had ate at prior to that and he took her up on it saying that they would do it before the end of the week. The week went on and he kept his promise to fuck her throat in the entryway beside the café on Friday, then they returned home but not before having extraordinary sex in the lodging as the plane landed in their hometown.

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Elizabeth Kovalenko let Jimmy fuck her throat in front of the crowd

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