beautiful Asian girl CutieBabySoo

When I was around the age 18 my cousin, CutieBabySoo from the Japan came to visit and stay with us for a few weeks. My cousin was in her mid 20’s and she was really a beautiful Asian girl. She was thin and had an athletic figure and she had huge tits while she stood around 5 ft. 9 inches tall. She had a charming face and a nice round ass; she was simply flawless. When she arrived, she had some toys for me as if I was a kid because it had been a while since we had seen each other and the last time I was a kid. She immediately understood her mishap when she laid eyes on me and felt a little silly. Despite the fact that she was my cousin when she got close to me, I would try to sneak a peek at her large size breast and when she would exit the shower only enveloped in a towel, dribbling wet, I also found myself fantasizing about her

This would also happen at times I would spot her outside in her little two-piece outfits with her tits nearly hanging all the way out. CutieBabySoo was a little on the bratty side but when it was all said and done a little flirtatious and she was dating this ass hole named John. Sometimes it seemed like she would behave like a princess or a daddy’s girl around him and I figured he had her doing so for his pleasure, which just added to my fascination and fantasies. It was all dreams and fantasies for me, and I was simply in the middle of my masturbation time of high school life.  The following summer my folks sent me to the Japan to remain with my cousin for about four weeks. I was super excited to be going. I had not seen her in some time, and I could not wait to catch up with her. I obviously had no clue what truly awaited my arrival.

That week was essential to me and ended up being just what I had anticipated plus more. CutieBabySoo had a two-room condominium with an open kitchenette and living space that had four entryways. One entry way was from the front, another from the washroom, and then two of them were entryways associated with the common area. The parlor had windows that ran from the floor all the way to the ceiling and a large recreation area. It was truly a magnificent place. I am sure it belonged to her well-off companion, which had picked us up earlier from the air terminal. I acquired a small summer job doing transports for his assembling company, but I was not actually doing them I was more of a tag along and rode alongside the main driver all day. However, it did work to give my parents a good report that I had found a small job and was not wasting my time. That filled most of my days, but my weekends were fairly free and CutieBabySoo would take me shopping at the local mall.

She liked to try to pick out my outfits and play dress up with me I suppose. On the other hand, when it came to her trying on anything from small dresses to bathing suits and underwear and bras, I felt a little uncomfortable because she was my cousin after all. She on the other hand did not think much about it and would flaunt around in just about anything. I kept my cool pretty good for an 18-year-old whose hormones were raging at this point. Since I was a bit older, I was allowed to remain unattended at her place while she went out with companions and her significant other. CutieBabySoo would usually go out three or four times a week leaving me all to myself in her nice crib. One night when they returned home, I was still lounging in the family room watching TV and I could tell they were inebriated, so much to the point they failed to recognize I was even there. Obviously, I stalled but I was too dumb to even think about leaving and I heard her express something about it being late and so her partner went on his way probably a little disappointed.

She hung out for a couple of moments on the lounge chair finally noticing me and making general conversation the best she could before she trailed off to her bedroom. I couldn’t help myself she was a beautiful Asian girl, whether she was my cousin or not and I found myself getting hard at the site of watching her walk away in her tight miniskirt and see-through shirt with a dark colored bra underneath. She flaunted her cleavage every chance she got, and she looked so fuckable in those high heels. I realized she was drunk when she scarcely started talking, she had a dim look about her, and she was practically nodding off in the middle of her sentences. She lit a cigarette and before she could finish it, she was falling asleep. I watched her wobble again into her room and I noticed that she had left the door open a little.

I could see her starting to undress and she started with her heels then she pulled off her see through top and fell face down on her bed. I called out and ask if she could use some assistance sounding like I was concerned. CutieBabySoo showed no sign of replying and I figured she was out of it. However, as soon as that thought occurred, I seen her begin to remove her mini skirt and her legs separated enough so that I caught a glimpse of her pussy. I was so hard and seeing that made me even hornier. Following a few minutes, I concluded that the honorable thing to do would be to help her over on her back so that she could breathe a little better and cover her up and I also knew if I done this, I could get closer look at her body. Therefore, I made my way into the room and began to cover her and one of her beautiful breasts fell out of her bra.

She flexibly moved her shoulder to conceal it. I quickly tried to finish helping her over on her back and covering her up, but I could not help myself and I went in for a feel and grabbed her tit. Then she looked up at me, called me a nasty name, and told me that I should have at least had the decency to tell her that I wanted her as much. CutieBabySoo was alert, I was so prepared to screw this beautiful Asian girl, and I took off her bra and removed my cock from my pants. I started fucking her tits and they were probably the best thing on her so far. I began to talk dirty to her, done things not anticipated, I grabbed her by the hair and fucked her face with my cock, and she never resisted any of it. I came in her mouth, and she gulped down my cum.

We done this a couple times after that night, and it would usually start with a drink and a joint then she would hit her knees and start sucking me off. I could not believe I was using my cousin for a sex object. Whenever we were stripped down completely naked on the bed, she jumped on top of me and squeezed her fits in my face. She was much tighter than I anticipated. I ask her if it would be ok for me to cum inside her and she said yes that she was protected. She then turned around and lifted her ass up to me so that I could fuck her there. I moved into her slowly and eased my cock into her tight ass hole. It was obvious that this was not her first time, but I was 18 at the time so it was a little new for me but not completely. Hearing her throaty growls of pleasure and watching her curves as we moved had me in awe.

I came on her back; CutieBabySoo then requested to change positions and bowed her head. She began to throat my cock and I could hear her gags and see her face turning red, but she kept insisting that I fuck her throat even harder, so I did. Then I fucked her repeatedly and counted a total of three more climaxes from this beautiful Asian girl. I began to cum again and pulled out to cum all over her tits. She then lit a smoke and expressed a farewell to me, and I went on my way back to my room. This turned into a daily routine, and we were fucking all the time. I was screwing her face, her pussy and from behind.

I would usually complete my climax in her mouth, on her face and on her tits and I dreaded when the time came for me to leave this beautiful Asian girl. It was a normal evening and once again CutieBabySoo was drinking and smoking and everything appeared to be as it usually was. After a couple shots and a joint and then went to raise a little hell around town. After a few hours I made my way back and I went into CutieBabeSoo ‘s room to find her sleeping soundly and completely naked. I went over to her and attempted to wake her; lost in a daze she kneeled down and started sucking me off. With both hands on each side of her head I drove my cock hard into her throat and her hands just hung limp with her tits wagging in cadence.

She was gagging and wheezing for air but once again she insisted that I fuck her throat hard. She loved sucking my cock, but I pulled her up and began fucking her little tight pussy. She did not make many sounds or say anything, until right before she started to cum, she let out her groans and I knew it was time for me to cum with her. I felt like this was a fantastic finale to me leaving however at that point there was a thump at the door, and I tossed on my shorts to go see who it was. It was an elderly person and he told me that CutieBabySoo had welcomed him. I was stunned that this elderly person had been watching us. He started to strip down, I ask him to leave, and he paid me no mind and shoved past me. I then told him I was going to call the police and then he punched me almost making me unconscious.

When I came completely to my senses, I notice four more men in CutieBabySoo ‘s room and there she was laying naked on the sheets. They left out soon, I went into her room, and there she lay covered in cum. She was out of it, and I chose to switch off the light and get dressed. My heart was beating out of my chest, and I just did not know how to fully accept what had just occurred. The following day she was clearly drained. However, she felt great, and she told me that it was not her first that she sometimes liked to celebrate with several men we discussed it a little more as she drove me to the airport and all I could think was damn what a beautiful Asian girl.

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